• Fax: what it used to be


  • In today's world, fax machines are a rarity. Now the exchange of files and data takes place over the Internet. This is a fast and most convenient process.


    But it is still impossible to deny the fact of the existence of a fax. It has changed somewhat, it has become faster, more convenient and better.


    At the same time, some people and entire companies still use classic faxes. And since modern people could only see them on TV in old films, we will try to explain in simple terms what a regular classic fax is.


    What it is

    Fax is a special means of communication. With its help, typewritten text or images are transmitted using the telephone network.


    It is now no problem with How To send Fax From Computer, but then quite complex and expensive machines were used for these purposes. I had to buy them separately, connect them to a telephone line, and service them.


    To send a document, it was necessary to establish a connection with the recipient, after which the process of scanning data from the document began. The device transmitted a signal to the recipient's fax printer, which made it possible to print the transmitted image there.


    The first faxes were as limited as possible in their functions. But then more versatile devices appeared. They could perform several tasks and functions at the same time, which were actively used by office workers.


    A multifunctional fax has several main features:

    • Printer;

    • Fax;

    • scanner;

    • copy machine;

    • telephone;

    • modem.

    Needless to say, multifunctional faxes were very popular. They remain relevant to this day. This is due to the fact that you do not need to buy several devices at once separately. Everything you need is collected in one device.

    Fax types

    Faxes themselves are divided into several types, not only by their built-in functions. The classification also depends on what printing method they use.


    As a result, all faxes are divided into the following types:

    • with thermal film;

    • on thermal paper;

    • jet;

    • laser.

    Each of them has its own characteristics, characteristics, strengths and weaknesses.


    Choose one or another type of fax, depending on the working conditions and tasks that the owner and users of this device face.


    In its usual form, the fax has actually ceased to exist. The most popular analogue now is Internet fax. That is, now faxes are most often sent via the Internet.